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  • Types of brushless DC motors

    Brushless DC motors can be broadly divided into those with an outer rotor and an inner rotor.

    Outer rotor motor
    The permanent magnets are located on the rotor which rotates around...

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  • Functions of brushed and brushless DC motors

    Functions of brushed and brushless DC motors

    The respective characteristics of brushed and brushless DC motors are as follows.

    Features of DC brushed motors

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  • Principle of operation of a brushed DC motor

    Brushed DC motors have their coil windings in the rotor. As the rotor rotates, the brush connections switch between commutators, thereby switching the flow of electrical current through each coil.B...

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  • What is a brushless DC motor?

    While electric motors come in many different forms, a few special exceptions aside, they all work by the same general principle: making the motor's shaft rotate by using the attraction and repulsio...

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  • Online Support

    CAD data, product configurator, transaction overview, spare part selection or troubleshooting: Our Online Support assists you with various online services to make your daily business easier and you...

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  • Products and solutions

    Haoxin is your motor expert offering infinite possibility for the industry.

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