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  • Industrial applications of stepper motors

    Industrial applications

    Although most of us will rarely come into contact with them in our daily lives, stepper motors also have uses in industry. Common examples include XY positioning tabl...

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  • Stepper motor applications: Examples that demonstrate their features

    As their name suggests, stepper motors rotate in fixed steps. They can be found in many familiar home appliances, as well as in numerous commercial and industrial applications. The following chapte...

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  • Applications for servo motors

    Given their characteristic of accurate positioning, servo motors have a wide range of uses in applications such as industrial robots and precision machinery. Application examples include th...

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  • History of servo motors

    The technology of servo motors has advanced significantly along with advances in industrial robots.

    Interest in factory automation started growing in the United States from the 1950s...

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  • What is a servo motor?

    Whereas common electric motors run continuously and serve as a source of motive power in machinery, servo motors incorporate a control mechanism and are able to rotate by a specified angle and stop...

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  • Stepper motor features and uses

    Stepper motors are simple, reliable, and do not require an encoder or other electronic components to detect position in the inside. Furthermore, the fact that stepper motors also have high precisio...

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