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  • Does a brushless DC motor need a drive circuit?

    As mentioned above, instead of mechanical control, electronic control is required to drive the brushless DC motor. The reason can be explained by how the generation of the rotating magnetic field i...

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  • What is an actuator?

    An actuator is a device that combines a power source with mechanical components to perform mechanical operations. An electric motor is an example. The ability to control force, speed, angle and oth...

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  • How does a brushless DC motor work

    How does a brushless DC motor work: Why do you need a drive circuit?

    To rotate the motor, the direction of current flowing through the motor windings (coils) must be alternated in order to g...

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  • How do brushless DC motors work?

    DC motors are electric motors that are powered by direct current. Features include the ability to rotate at high speeds, and high starting torque. They are used in a wide range of situations, being...

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  • Types of brushless DC motors

    Brushless DC motors can be broadly divided into those with an outer rotor and an inner rotor.

    Outer rotor motor
    The permanent magnets are located on the rotor which rotates around...

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  • Functions of brushed and brushless DC motors

    Functions of brushed and brushless DC motors

    The respective characteristics of brushed and brushless DC motors are as follows.

    Features of DC brushed motors

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